Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Axius Technologies - Social Presence

We not only engaged with our candidates professional but socially too, we try to keep up with everyone sharing our journey with our employees as well as our candidates. Whatever we do everyone will have visibility and confidence. Our social media and web sourcing team works closely to show what we are doing and how it is done. We like to stay ahead with the trends so we always add up new platforms to our work.

Facebook:  We post all of our news, updates, festivals, birthdays, parties and many more stuff about Axius. Like us to know more.

LinkedIn : We publish posts related to our industry, jobs, advises and suggestion on job search and interviewing skills you can follow up us on LinkedIn to know more about us professionally

Twitter: We mostly tweet all of our jobs through twitter feed only you can follow us on twitter to get our daily jobs updates.

Instagram: We mostly share motivational quotes, birthday pictures and random quotes on our instagram page.

Slideshare: We publish our portfolios, training materials, presentations and other related documents on Slideshare.

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